Eating out in Budapest-traditional, basic food

This week’s post is a bit of a food account of my recent trip to Budapest, which I can highly recommend. As a nutritionist and food lover when I go abroad I am always interested in the food and drink. Here the food was simple and basic (which I liked) and also tasted and looked freshly cooked.

This pork dish which seemed to be a traditional dish contained lots of garlic and salt (probably more than I would use) but was very tasty. The sweet, red cabbage which I had with it was delicious. The chips were described as cubed potatoes!



This chicken paprika dish was very basic and lacking in vegetables and was served with a heavy type of pasta, but you could appreciate that this was something to eat in the cold weather to keep out the cold (and we were very cold after an open air evening boat trip!).


Generally meat was the order of the day (this is not a good place to go for vegetarians) but I did manage to have a lovely pike perch which may have come out of the Danube.


Other food and drink highlights included this latte served in a weird-shaped glass and Palinka, a spirit which came in many different flavours (plum, apricot, cherry) and was an acquired taste but one I had grown to like by the end of the break.












We also visited an amazing food market which had all sorts of fruit and vegetables. I was particularly impressed by the size of the radishes, which you can see in this picture.


There were also lots of different cheeses to sample, freshly baked biscuits and different sort of cakes such as sour cherry strudel.

This may all sound quite heavy and calorific but on this trip we did a lot of walking and it was fairly cold in the evenings. My point is don’t be afraid to sample local food when you go away and enjoy it. It is part of the experience of travelling. Hopefully you won’t be eating foods that you eat at home. You may not love everything you eat (or you may) but this is part of experiencing a country and learning about its culture.

If you are going on a trip to the Christmas markets soon, enjoy! If not why not plan a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before and make sure you sample the local food?