What inspires you to cook?

Fish pie 003

Fish pie

A few weeks ago the BBC announced that it was closing the BBC Food website in order to save money. This prompted massive protest and a petition signed by 90,000 people.

Chefs including Nigella Lawson, the Hairy Bikers and James Martin contribute to the site. Thankfully the BBC announced that it will move as many recipes to the BBC Good Food website.

I am a big fan of BBC Good Food. It has thousands of recipes which are easily searchable. It is a good resource to find recipes from food programmes that are on the BBC, without having to buy the whole book.

This week I have picked out some recipes from BBC Food that have inspired me. It is worth having a look at the website before it is lost.

I tried these breakfast bars by Nigella, but I substituted some of the exotic ingredients for bog-standard ones such as raisins (instead of cranberries) and sunflower seeds (instead of chia seeds). It worked just as well,or you can go exotic if you have the time and the budget!

I made this fish bake inspired by Jamie Oliver’s recipe. Jamie uses ½ pint of cream in his recipe, which serves 4. If you are uncomfortable with using cream, you can make a roux sauce with flour and milk.

There has been some talk in the press about the low-fat high carb diet being bad advice for those wanting to lose weight and I would agree with this to a certain extent. If you eat more fat, you will be more satisfied by your meals. Eating carbs without any fat leads to hunger soon after a meal . Fat slows down the absorption of carbs into the blood, meaning you are less drawn to sugary, fatty (unhealthy) snacks in between meals.

The recipes and link to the BBC article are below.

Let me know which recipes you try.

Happy Cooking!


Nigella’s breakfast bars:


Jamie’s Tasty Fish Bake


BBC article about closure of BBC Good Food: BBC unveils shake-up of online services including recipes, 17 May 2016, BBC News website


Or search BBC Food for your own recipes, before it goes!




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