Summer is in the air, are you getting prepared?

2012-08-05 15.32.47 a

Near Henley-on-Thames.


Last bank holiday Monday, I walked with a friend to The Flowerpot pub along the river from Henley and ate outside for the first time this year! It felt like summer had officially started. Children were playing, dogs looked hot and bothered, birds were singing. I ate crab salad and almost felt like I was on holiday.

But summer can be a time that fills a lot of people with dread. It is the time where we ‘bare our flesh’. This can be a source of great discomfort.

Most of us at some point in the summer find ourself in a bathing costume or a bikini. So how do you ensure that you are ready for this?

It is about feeling comfortable with what you’ve got. It is easy to find the faults.

But there are always good bits, focus on these. You may have lost weight since last year, or since last month. So, congratulate yourself and keep going.

Maybe you haven’t lost weight but you have made some positive changes. However small a step you have made, relish in your success and keep going.

Don’t berate yourself for not being exactly how you want to be and go on a crash diet. This leads to more misery and often more weight. See last time’s blog about black and white thinking here:

You just need to start or carry on eating well: good protein, good fats, slow-release carbs, less sugar and processed foods (remember the 80:20 rule), eat your veg, drink water, and move as much as possible (walk, take the stairs instead of the lift, stretch).

That way you will feel good about yourself when you come to put that bikini on. You will know you may not be there yet, but you are moving towards your goal.

Enjoy your week and the warmer weather!



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