Why bother to plan your meals?

As a student I would often find myself eating a jacket potato with ‘something’ for dinner. The jacket potato would be microwaved and the something would be grated cheese, tinned fish or sliced ham. I would also have a vegetable component in the form of steamed broccoli, sliced tomato, or maybe a bit of lettuce. But after a while of eating like this, I started to get bored. It was then that I discovered meal planning. I found some recipes which looked easy and I liked. I bought the ingredients in my next shop and started cooking delicious meals which I repeated each week. As I was having a different thing each night, I didn’t get bored with my food.

So far this year we have been looking at making goals for the year and beyond and how to ensure these goals get put into practice. Having goals helps to spur you into action, as long as the bigger goal is something you want. If one of your goals is to feel healthier and have more energy, then a good place to start towards this is to make sure you eat home cooked meals. When I was a student I found that eating interesting, rather than microwaved, meals, gavMenu planning 003e me more energy and I was less prone to colds.

Of course time to cook delicious meals is not always easy to find amidst the busy lives we all lead. But in order to give yourself a good chance of achieving this most of the time, I recommend meal planning. Make a list of the meals you are going to cook for the week. You can plan this so that you have really easy things on days when you are going to the gym or are going out, and cook things that take a little longer on days when you have more time. Look out for a suitable notepad that you can use to stick on the fridge door with your list. Some stationary shops stock menu planning pads which are really useful.

I also recommend finding and making a list of 10 easy recipes that you like. Find them in your cookbooks or on-line sites such as:




If you don’t stick to it exactly it doesn’t matter. My clients and I have found that making a menu plan makes shopping easier, cheaper, and meal preparation quicker and easier, as you are never stuck for something to cook.

Have fun with your meal planning! Let me know how you get on.



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