How to ensure you put your goals into practice.

Woman stretching_Witthaya Phonsawat

You have set your goals (short, medium and long-term set), so what’s the next step? It is important to ensure they aren’t just something you write down and put in a drawer only to forget all about until next January. So how do you ensure that you put your goals into action?


An important part of putting your goal into action is the preparation. For example, if you have decided to cook and plan delicious meals 3 times a week, you need to find the recipes, buy the ingredients and equipment, and then plan when you will cook the meals. Without doing these things you will not be likely to reach this goal.


In fact, planning is a crucial step. Planning when you will do the activities that will help you feel healthier will ensure that you know when you should be doing them and can focus on them. For example, when and how will you do your 30 minute exercise? Will you go for a jog in the morning, a walk at lunch, or do the hoovering in the evening?


I read somewhere that ‘what gets measured gets done’ and after testing this out, I have found that it works. So for an activity such as ’30 minutes activity per day’ have a ticklist where you mark off which days you have done this and put it somewhere visible so you can see your progress.


Which brings me to the final step to ensure success, you need to have a reward system. If you stick to your goal 75-80% of the time then you deserve to recognise this so give yourself some sort of reward. It could be a trip to the cinema, buying a new top, or going out to lunch, whatever you enjoy doing and is within your budget.

To recap, once you have set your goals, to ensure you put them into practice, there are a few steps to follow. First, prepare. Get the equipment you need, clear the time in your diary, clear a physical space, whatever it is you need to achieve your goals. Next plan when you are going to do the activities and write this down. Then create a ticklist to measure when you have done what you are planning to do. Finally reward yourself for achieving 75-80% of what you planned to do. Keep going with the tasks until they become second nature.

If you missed my blog on setting goals for the year then you can see it here:

Photo courtesy of courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat.


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