What do you want from this year?

Last week was a reflective time for me. I was looking back on the year that has been and what I want from the coming year and beyond.

Why is it that when we start a new year, we feel the need to do this? For me it is to check that my life is going in the right direction to reach my goals. Sometimes it can feel like we are not getting any closer to our goals, or maybe the goals we have set are not what we really want but what we feel we should be doing? So it is important to check periodically that your goals still reflect what you want and to mark off any progress. It is also good to refresh your goals. If you do still want to go in a certain direction, you may have a clearer idea of how to get there, or some new ideas.

Of course, this applies to health goals such as weight loss, fitness and healthy eating as well. Whilst these may be shorter term goals to reach a larger goal such as ‘having the energy to enjoy the time you spend with your kids’ or ‘building a career you enjoy’, they can form important milestones to achieving your bigger goals, for example ‘losing a stone by June’, or ‘exercising twice per week by March’. It is important to remember that short-term goals need to be realistic and in tune with longer-term goals for them to be achievable.

Making New Year’s Resolutions is another way that we lay down our goals, although often with these we don’t make them realistic such as ‘have a bikini body by March’, ‘go to the gym four times a week’. So if you have made any resolutions check they are achievable for you, compatible with your longer-term goals and what you really want. If not adjust them.

Some of my goals for this year are:

  1. Get more readers to my blog.
  2. Do at least half an hour’s exercise every day (includes housework and walking).
  3. Plan my lunches and try one new recipe per month.

What are yours?

If you need help setting your health goals and achieving them, contact me today on zoehorsepool@commonsensenutrition.co.uk. You can apply for one of my free Common Sense Nutrition Strategy Sessions to help you find out what you can do to achieve your health goals this year.

Happy New Year!

Phone Nov 15 to Jan 16 077


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